How to improve your Client KPI performance

Helping prioritise and progress Jobs in real-time with our newest feature, KPI Analytics.

It’s never easy pre-empting how you’ll go each month/ quarter, before each Insurance Client issues you their KPI scorecard.


As an Insurance Builder, you may wonder...

Did we improve from the last scorecard?

Are we on track to hit all our KPI’s?

Will I be allocated more or less work next month?

How can I proactively improve our KPI Scorecard results?


Meeting KPIs determines how effectively and efficiently specific goals were met and is crucial to long-term company growth. An Insurance Builder that continually struggles to meet KPIs may be at risk of losing Claim allocations or worse... losing a Client.


But, imagine if you could measure your performance against metrics in real-time. Going beyond historical data to measure and improve daily.


We’re excited to launch ‘KPIAnalytics’, a dynamic work prioritisation and KPI reporting tool that helps Insurance Builders hit KPI’s and perhaps get a perfect scorecard every time. This powerful feature was built with the modern Insurance Builder in mind, who understands that “data is gold” and what gets measured gets managed and delivered.


By measuring what matters and incrementally improving on it, Job Managers can drive positive outcomes for both their Insurance Clients, Policy Holders and business financials. And like most EnsureFlow features, KPI Analytics can be configured to suit your unique business requirements.

Set KPIs that are specific to certain Clients.

It's easy to set up KPIs and adapt them to suit the changing requirements of your Insurance Clients.

Once configured, the feature fires off colour coded visual reminders, and prioritised action on the User’s “Message Board”. They act like warnings, letting you know when a KPI is about to be breached so that you can complete the task in time.Think of it as though it was a personal assistant or alarm system, helping to prioritise tasks by displaying the metrics that are in need of urgent attention first.


When you're about to miss a KPI, the task will be prioritised in your dedicated message board.

KPI Analytics works by organising and combining data sets into dashboards, visualising the data in Power BI (example below) or your preferred Business Intelligence ReportingSoftware.  

KPI Analytics data visualised in Power BI

EnsureFlow is powered by integrations, automations and analytics that make running Insurance Claims simpler and faster. If you’d like to take a step towards measuring and monitoring company progress towards achieving a perfect scorecard, speak to our friendly team.

EnsureFlow is a powerful, end-to-end claims fulfillment software built with insurance builders, for insurance builders.  

A smart business solution that prompts and streamlines all aspects of building repairs job-management workflows, from first contact to final invoice. All supported by powerful integrations with key Insurance company platforms and accounting software.

EnsureFlow takes the chaos out of running your business – a SAAS solution that reduces claims life, increases KPI performance, and simplifies team collaboration.  Giving you an easy-to-learn, simple-to-use, scalable software that works where you work - in the office, onsite or on the go.

With over 500,000 jobs completed and a decade of experience working with insurance builders, EnsureFlow is a complete technology solution, highly configurable to your business and your client needs. 

Isn’t it time your technology really worked for you and your team?

Contact us and get your business ready for growth today.

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