Why EnsureFlow?

Achieve more, together.

EnsureFlow works where you work - in the office, onsite or on the go. It guides your workflows, step by step, with no steps missed.

Make the most of the resources at your disposal and get more out of each day with intuitive claims fulfilment software built specifically for insurance builders.

Insurance building is better with EnsureFlow.

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Is your current system holding you back?

Forget multiple spreadsheets, boxes of records and countless calls and emails.

Stop wasting time reinventing and constantly updating in-house systems.

Our system already meets the requirements of medium and large Insurance Builders and we intend to keep it that way.

EnsureFlow is a trusted technology partner for the insurance building industry - let us take care of the technology so you can take care of your business.

We're a tried and tested solution that comfortably manages high Job volume.

Jobs across ANZ
Million Dollars
invoiced FY20
active users


Prioritise the KPIs that grow your business 

Increase team capacity and complete Jobs faster, in turn increasing Job allocations.

KPI Analytics

Adapt to the changing requirements of your Clients.

Business Intelligence

Organising and combine data sets into dashboards using Power BI

Measure and mange business performance in real-time

"EnsureFlow is the backbone of our company"

Aeron R. - National Operations Manager

"EnsureFlow is the backbone of our company"

Aeron R. - National Operations Manager


No more Duplication of Data and Effort.

Technology can drive productivity for you and your teammates

Automated workflows

Configure business-specific Instruction Sets to save time

Powerful Integrations

Seamlessly integrates with Insurance Portals, Accounting Softwares and 3rd party apps

Task Management

Easily track workflow at every stage of the Job and easily control user permissions


Meet Work, Health & Safety compliance obligations with ease. 

Having an automated and centralised compliance management tool helps access and maintain a larger Supervisor pool.

Licences, Registrations and Insurance 
Automatically save & screen supervisor and Sub-contractor docs

JSA, SMWS, Risk Assessments. Forms and templates 

Manage costs, quoting and invoicing estimation

Service Provider Management

Never issue a job to a non-compliant sub-contractor again

"EnsureFlow is the backbone of our company"

Aeron R. - National Operations Manager

"EnsureFlow is the backbone of our company"

Aeron R. - National Operations Manager


Eliminate multiple technologies to run your business.

EnsureFlow is an end-to-end job management software that makes running Jobs simple.

Clean UX
Easy to learn and simple to use

Smart Reporting
‍Brings all your data into one view

Keep communications about the Job in the Job

"EnsureFlow is the backbone of our company"

Aeron R. - National Operations Manager

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Businesses that adopt EnsureFlow see an R.O.I within the first year.

Double your av number of Jobs

Halve Supervisor onsite time

5X Scale up in Job Volume during CAT Events

"EnsureFlow feels like it has been developed to make my life easier."

Lotana R – Customer Service Manager

"EnsureFlow helps me find the most cost effective way to get a job done"

Kevin G - Operations Manager

"It's easy to use, in fact it's pretty bulletproof"

Bob C - Building Inspector

"EnsureFlow means you never miss a step. It's a valuable business tool"

Jacob V - Estimator

"Weather events are easy with EnsureFlow"

Tania P - Operations Manager, Customer Service

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