Job Management Software and
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Job Management Software

Advanced Quoting and Scoping

Apply the ideal template for your Job type. We offer a selection of ready-to-use templates or configure a new template for the whole team. We also help automate processes by simplifying your trades, pricing templates and costs.

Workflow Management

Never lose track of what needs to be completed and who is assigned to do it.  EnsureFlow is a workflow engine that works to apply Instructions and Tasks that deliver on outcomes and meet KPI's.

Live Dashboards

The EnsureFlow platform organises data and transforms it into valuable dashboards. They are showing what needs to be done first at both a user level and company level.


Monitor critical communications round the clock. Having a SoftPhone integration and Email Parsing technology assures streamlined correspondence with key stakeholders.


Manage your team's time better by arranging mass bookings and inspection tools that allows time to deliver a superior service for your clients.

Document Generation

Easily configure templates and documents you use daily. Personalise the look and branding of your docments with your company logo, custom fields, and specific pricing sets that support consistency across the board.

Builder Inspector App

The Building Inspector App is the perfect place to train external contractors that complete Building Inspections on your behalf.

Remote Video Inspection

The remote video inspection process is simple to navigate for new inspectors. We integrate with Blitzz to ensure our users' safety, minimising unnecessary contact with customers and dangerous worksites.

Unique Sign ons

All contacts in your business will be able to login to the EnsureFlow Portal. You may limit the level of access to each user for security purposes.

Business Management

KPI Driven To-do Lists

Helping prioritise and progress Jobs in real-time with our KPI Driven To-do Lists. Think of it as a personal assistant or alarm system, prioritising tasks by displaying the metrics that need urgent attention first.

Compliance Management

Meet Work, Health & Safety compliance commitments easily. EnsureFlow means you never issue a job to a non-compliant service provider again. Quickly generate JSA, SWMS and risk assessments, then store them securely per job.

Service Provider Management

Your trade base is fundamental to meeting your obligations. With everyone in EnsureFlow, we can now have clear, live communication on every job. Select the trade for your following jobs with Automated Load Balancing, Trade Ratings, Service zone Detection, Compliance, After hours or BAU availability; the options are simple and are configurable.

Service License Agreement Management

As you grow and take on new Clients, we help alleviate the time and energy associated with drafting new Service License Agreements, ensuring consistency internally & externally as well as preventing mistakes.

Cost Controls

Our technology has cost control tools to manage unexpected expenses and maintain a directory of equipment costs.

Business Analytics


Get rich insights into your Job data with advanced reports you can share with your clients or board to demonstrate growth, profit and Job count.

Business Intelligence

We track Job data at various points in the cycle, ensuring you are measuring the things that matter and improving along the way with custom build Reporting and Analytics.

Office Dashboards

Hold EnsureFlow data on Jobs, Clients, Staff, Trades, Financials, Pipeline, KPI'sBroadcast into your office, so everyone is in the loop always.


Continuous improvement starts with numerical data. Having a system like EnsureFlow ensures the organisation collects and formatting its data with best-in-class principles to generate beautiful dashboards and valuable insights.

Cloud Resilience

Microsoft Azure Cloud

All data on the EnsureFlow platform is stored, secured and recoverable on Microsoft Azure which guarantees a 99.8% uptime. Track and trace platform activity with EnsureFlow auditing tools; giving you the power to inspect data at any given point in time.

Data Storage and Backup

Cloud-based mobile-first design, allowing your team members and contractors to collaborate wherever they are; in-the-office, on-site or on-the-go. We've got your back.

Data at Rest Encryption

All data on the EnsureFlow platform is stored and encrypted with Data at Rest Encryption. We meet the highest security requirements of the insurance, Defence and Government Sectors.