Protect Your Business with EnsureFlow Compliance

Be sure that your workplace safety protocols are followed each and every time.

The insurance industry is placing more emphasis than ever before on workplace safety and compliance. With large fines and prosecutions now commonplace for non-compliant building companies, there has never been a better time to get on top of workplace safety practices and ensure your business and your people are protected.

Compliance protocols are all too often drowned in a sea of red-tape and paperwork, often meaning that the true value of these best practices is not fully felt.

With EnsureFlow’s newest feature, aptly named ‘Workplace Safety for Service Providers’ you can now be sure that your workplace safety protocols are followed each and every time. This is an invaluable addition to EnsureFlow’s already comprehensive claims fulfillment software solution, specifically designed for the insurance building industry.

Step by step with no steps missed, this new feature means that you can rest in the knowledge that your service providers (trades, subcontractors, internal personnel or material providers) are following your business procedures and completing the necessary documents as and when required.

Remove time consuming and monotonous paperwork.

This new offering not only protects your business, but it reduces the time spent completing documentation. It all takes place on a smart device, which means no more scanning, typing, and double handling, and no more paperwork going missing on its journey back to the office!

Eliminate the lag in your claim’s fulfillment cycle.  

Now your service providers and tradespeople complete JSAs (Job Safety Analysis) and SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) on their smartphone or tablet inside the EnsureFlow system whilst they are onsite.  Each document is saved as a PDF under the associated work order and visible to all relevant parties.  This allows service providers to quickly and accurately complete the task at hand and move on to the next job.

At EnsureFlow we have created Workplace Safety templates based on industry best practices and each template is easily customizable to meet your business and your clients’ needs.  A simple check box will enable you to decide which documents are (i) required on a job by job basis, or (ii) required on each and every job.

The system also ensures that a job cannot be approved for payment until the required documents are uploaded. This means that you can be sure the compliance steps are followed without interruptions to your business flow.

The Workplace Safety for Service Providers feature is now included as standard to all EnsureFlow customers, so don’t get caught out at your next audit date, rest easy in the knowledge that your people are protected, your documents are compliant, and your audit trail is complete.

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With over 500,000 jobs completed and a decade of experience working with insurance builders, EnsureFlow is a complete technology solution, highly configurable to your business and your client needs. 

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