Streamline Your Business with EnsureFlow's Robotic Process Automation

No need to constantly monitor and update the client portal, just focus on your business.

Client portals are a vital part of business operations, but with so many out there, it can often take hours of manual entry work just to ensure the systems stay updated.  

Do your clients use OPUS? With the new OPUS RPA integration from EnsureFlow, team members no longer need to constantly monitor and update the client portal, they can focus on more productive tasks like problem solving, innovation and troubleshooting.

EnsureFlow’s OPUS RPA feature delivers fast, accurate data entry for each and every job. RPA operates automatically so there is no risk of delays or errors, enabling you to perform better, hit more KPIs and as a result, win more jobs.

Did you know that recent research from the IOT Agenda showed, “First-year returns on investment for RPA implementations can be in the double and even triple digits … Done right, RPA not only saves companies time and money but also frees employees up to focus on higher value work.”

‘Robotic Process Automation’ or RPA is process whereby software, or ‘robots’, replicate what would otherwise be a laborious manual process in an automated, repeatable and reliable manner.  RPA can assemble, analyse and organize vast amounts of data and rapidly perform repetitive processes.  In short, RPA uses technology to complete specific workflows without the need for human intervention.

By removing labor intensive and repeatable tasks, EnsureFlow’s OPUS RPA integration frees up a significant amount of time which can be applied exactly where you need it. EnsureFlow’s powerful claims fulfillment software uses RPA to perform a series of uploads and updates against each job via the Client’s interface.  These jobs range from fetching and automatically lodging jobs, to updating first contact, uploading reports, submissions, progress updates and more. The technology carries out these tasks, so your team doesn’t have to.

Join some of the leading companies in the industry and employ EnsureFlow’s OPUS RPA to maximize your business. To find out how EnsureFlow’s leading edge technology can help streamline your business visit our contact and arrange a chat with a member of our experienced team.

EnsureFlow is a powerful, end-to-end claims fulfillment software built with insurance builders, for insurance builders.  

A smart business solution that prompts and streamlines all aspects of building repairs job-management workflows, from first contact to final invoice. All supported by powerful integrations with key Insurance company platforms and accounting software.

EnsureFlow takes the chaos out of running your business – a SAAS solution that reduces claims life, increases KPI performance, and simplifies team collaboration.  Giving you an easy-to-learn, simple-to-use, scalable software that works where you work - in the office, onsite or on the go.

With over 500,000 jobs completed and a decade of experience working with insurance builders, EnsureFlow is a complete technology solution, highly configurable to your business and your client needs. 

Isn’t it time your technology really worked for you and your team?

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