Three things we love about the new EnsureFlow Design

Simplifying workflows with a refreshed UI

With each iteration of EnsureFlow, we strive to do more for our users and customers. We’re continuously releasing new functionality and improvements so you can run your jobs better, faster, and now it’s time we shed our old skin and modernise the design itself. We're excited to reveal the new look design and User Interface (UI). So, without further ado, welcome to the refreshed EnsureFlow! A perfect coupling of full functionality with a refresh design aesthetic will improve the flow of Jobs through your business.

Three things we love about our new UI Design:

1. The refreshed display will help Jobs flow

The new look and feel

Our Product and Design team have applied best-in-class design principles and User feedback to create a refined and clean interface to enhance your EnsureFlow experience. Our new modern design approach to workflow management now makes it easier to navigate through the important information you need when you need it. What's more, the new colour palette is an absolute dream to look at every day, well... working days at least.

2. Making it  easier to get the Job done

Never skip a beat

The saying "a clean house makes a clear mind" rings true when thinking about our refreshed Instruction Board. The brilliance of our new design is reflected in how a user intuitively flows through the sequential steps. From start to completion, always staying firmly in the driver's seat and never skipping a beat with our subtle design smarts. Here, EnsureFlow is gently nudging you to progress forward and stay on track.

3. Easing the onboarding of new teammates to your ways of working

We know the world you live in gets messy and so we thought we’d make it easier for you by reintroducing some zen back into running your business. The transparency of user actions is impressive, the consistency of the design means that for every action you take, you already know the outcome. For every step of the job life cycle, there’ll be no mistake. When it comes to introducing new teammates to EnsureFlow, it’s easy to find your way around.

We’re excited about the new paths this new update will pave and the new product developments to improve user experience (UX), driving productivity through simple design.

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EnsureFlow is a powerful, end-to-end claims fulfillment software built with insurance builders, for insurance builders.  

A smart business solution that prompts and streamlines all aspects of building repairs job-management workflows, from first contact to final invoice. All supported by powerful integrations with key Insurance company platforms and accounting software.

EnsureFlow takes the chaos out of running your business – a SAAS solution that reduces claims life, increases KPI performance, and simplifies team collaboration.  Giving you an easy-to-learn, simple-to-use, scalable software that works where you work - in the office, onsite or on the go.

With over 500,000 jobs completed and a decade of experience working with insurance builders, EnsureFlow is a complete technology solution, highly configurable to your business and your client needs. 

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